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ISD Graduate

We train future Skin Leaders with the best university programs and accredited short online courses.

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ISD ProfEd

We nurture our community with training programs focused on acquiring and improving specific skills and tools.

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ISD Research

We create and share scientific evidence through research initiatives aimed at contributing to the advancement of dermatological knowledge.

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ISD Impact

We develop charitable programs and awareness campaigns on health and skin cancer prevention.

ISD - about school

The values that drive us


  • We inspire and empower the Skin Leaders community, from the academic world to communication and outreach for citizens.

  • We propose new ways of understanding reality, generating insights and new approaches based on verified scientific data.

  • We create and identify trends to offer creative and innovative content, always with the goal of reaching more people worldwide.

  • We positively influence society by sharing and disseminating advanced knowledge and scientific evidence.

The pillars of our essence

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    Our university programs feature prestigious students and faculty from over 30 countries across 5 continents. This diversity speaks to the rich scientific and dermatological fabric that you can be a part of.

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    We are building an ecosystem of partners and collaborators committed to our great purpose: eradicating skin cancer worldwide. Since 2021, we have been collaborating with entities on charitable projects and dermatological expeditions.

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    We are pioneers in the dissemination and creation of knowledge about exposome and skin. Committed to generating and making scientific evidence accessible through research projects that contribute to the advancement of global knowledge about skin.

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Scientific knowledge, our best tool

We care about what we do, but above all, how we do it. We create partnerships and collaborations aligned with our values, which are the foundation of our know-how, marked by diversity, social impact, and commitment to innovation.

Scientific knowledge is our best tool for progress and advancement in terms of global health. Discover ISD and our mission: to contribute to making the world a place with healthier skin and happier people.

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Join the Skin Leaders movement.

At the International School of Derma, we are aware of the significant responsibility that the dermatological sector has when it comes to sharing scientific evidence.

In an era of information overload, we believe it is necessary to commit to disseminating knowledge about skin so that society, increasingly interested in how to care for it and in cosmetic products, can access accurate and verified information.

Another project that supports our values and that we would love to share with you. Sign the Skin Leaders Manifesto and join the ISD community.

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