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We are a social impact ecosystem that rewrites the rules of learning and training in the world of medical and dermatological science.

Free Master Classes on Exposome and Skin

A small sample of the ISD experience. Enjoy scientific knowledge explained by our international faculty and enroll in our Expert Diplomas to delve deeper into the subject.

ISD - Impact of melasma and vitiligo on quality of life
ISD - Non-ablative fractional laser with tranexamic acid

Scientific knowledge with social impact


    We train healthcare professionals and society through accredited university programs and short online courses.


    We generate and share scientific evidence through research initiatives around the skin.


    We build a world with healthier skin and happier people through charitable initiatives and awareness campaigns about health and skin cancer prevention.

ISD - ISD - Susana Puig

Dra. Susana Puig MD

Head of Dermatology unit at Hospital Clínic Barcelona and UB Professor

"I believe it is the responsibility of everyone to make dermatology science accessible to the public. That is why the scientific level of training at International School of Derma is of the highest standard. It is our top priority to ensure that science leads the way."

We train future leaders in dermatology

First-rate university programs and certificates focused on cutting-edge dermatology and academic excellence.

ISD - ISD - image product

Expert Diploma

Cosmetics, Aesthetic Trends, and Lifestyle

Spanish, English

6 months

ISD - ISD - image product

Expert Diploma

Diet, Microbiota, Quality of Life, and Mental Health

Spanish, English

6 months

ISD - ISD - Product image

Expert Diploma

Photobiology, Pollution, and Skin Aging

Spanish, English

6 months

ISD - niño

Building a world with healthier skin and happier people

As part of our company's purpose, we aim to reach every corner of the world in order to eradicate skin cancer and improve skin health. Alongside collaborators, medical societies, and NGOs, we train people in vulnerable areas about skincare and create awareness campaigns about skin cancer. Discover more about our mission!

ISD - catedra

Leaders in knowledge, with the UB-ISD Chair

We reaffirm our commitment to generating knowledge in dermatology through the UB-ISD Chair, aimed at delving into innovation and skin. Together, we will research skin health and explore new ways for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment that enhance people's quality of life and dermatological health.

Our World-class faculty

These are some of the international experts collaborating with ISD who contribute to our work as an institution.

ISD - isd

We connect your business with dermatology

  • We listen to your needs and objectives to offer tailor-made solutions aligned with your strategy.

  • Together, we define the scope of the educational or solidarity project, taking advantage of ISD's strategic position as an ecosystem that brings together top players in the world of science and dermatology.

  • We accompany you throughout the content generation process, both in production and launch. We have a custom-built digital platform and an external team in the academic field.

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